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Why should you work with MJ Global Investments LLC?

MJ Global Investments LLC specializes in providing hard money loans in the Colorado area. We are upfront about our lending process, and we have no hidden fees or surprises for anyone looking to obtain a hard money loan. However, we don’t provide hard money loans for owner-occupied property, which means you must not be looking for a loan for a property that you currently reside in.

If you are in the house flipping business then our hard money loans are perfect for you. We can get you the loan you need quickly, efficiently, and hassle-free. Many of our loans can be closed on quickly, usually within a few days. This makes things extremely helpful for those looking to flip houses because you are able to get the funding for your project very quickly.

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Our hard money loans are also ideal for those that are renting out property. Maybe you own a rental property but over the years it has started to show some wear and tear and now it is need of repair or restoration. A hard money loan is the perfect solution for this issue, we can quickly get you a loan so you can make the necessary repairs to your property and start renting it out again.

Our loans don’t have a prepayment penalty which means you won’t be penalized for paying off the loan early. So you would be able to pay off our loan if you obtained a more permanent loan or mortgage for your property.

We pride ourselves on being transparent and upfront with the way we operate with our loans. You can view our different loan terms here. We are one of only a few lenders who post our lending terms, rates, and fees on our website. This is all in an effort to make the lending process as quick and easy for all parties.

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